Requesting Submissions to Spring Newsletter-Ecrivez!

Mar 18, 2024

Dear Members of RTOERO – Atlantic District 50,

Our goal is to get a third newsletter out this spring with more submissions from our wonderful District 50 community.
Hopefully you send us so many submissions, we will have to beg your forgiveness in not including all of them in our Spring newsletter.
To that end, we are asking for your thoughts in the form of short articles and photos. Please send articles in your choice of English or French.
Here are some ideas:
–The Swallowtail Lighthouse on Grand Manan Island, NB was on the stamp of the Fall Newsletter mailed to you.
      If you have a photo or personal experience of visiting this lighthouse, please send that to Paul as he will feature this lighthouse in the next edition.
–Letters to the Editor (any topic or feedback is appreciated)
— a photo and brief description of your hobbies, sports or interests. Add a brief description of up to 50 or 60 words.  We would like to feature as many people as possible.
–why you live where you do, what made you move to Atlantic Canada (Short article with a photo of your bit of paradise.)
–a specific spot in your area of our District which should attract visitors
–First Light submissions—in keeping with our theme of providing ideas and light or light heartedness to our readers
–healthy living suggestions specific to our District 50
–Atlantic District 50 is made up of 4 Atlantic provinces—let’s provide an article from each region.
–political action initiatives in the 3 areas of RTOERO concern: Environmental Stewardship, Ageing, and Geriatric health care.

The deadline for submissions is April 21.

Thank you all for your ideas.  Your input helps make this a much better newsletter by sharing your experiences with each of us.

We welcome letters to the editor for comments, suggestions, and extensions to any article.  Contact either Paul or Donna, editors of RTOERO Atlantic District 50 Newsletter, First Light

Paul Philp—​p.k.philp@​  Donna DeCourcy—[email protected]